Regaining Independence
from Severe Knee Pain at 70


Putta lingamma, a 70-year-old woman, had lived with relentless knee pain for 20 years. The once simple act of walking became a challenge, restricting her daily activities and even the joy of climbing stairs. 

Fearful of surgery due to discouraging whispers from neighbours, she hesitated for years, her mobility and independence slowly fading.

Diagnosis and Evaluation:

A thorough examination and advanced imaging revealed the culprit: severe osteoarthritis in both knees. This degenerative condition had worn down the cartilage, causing bone grinding against bone, and resulting in excruciating pain and stiffness.

Treatment Options:

Putta lingamma’s options included conservative measures like pain medication, physical therapy, and injections. However, due to the advanced stage of osteoarthritis, these offered limited relief and a slow, uncertain path to recovery.

Empowered by the doctor’s confidence and expertise, Putta lingamma opted for bilateral Fast Track Knee Replacement surgery. This minimally invasive procedure replaced the damaged cartilage with artificial implants, promising a faster and more effective solution.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Breaking traditional expectations, Putta lingamma received no pain medication injections after surgery. She started walking immediately, and with dedication, mastered two simple exercises, eliminating the need for extensive physiotherapy.


Within a week, Putta lingamma abandoned her walker, reclaiming her household independence. Three weeks later, she arrived for her checkup, not by car, but by bus, a testament to her newfound mobility. Climbing stairs, once a distant dream, became a daily accomplishment.

Returning to

A proud businesswoman even at 70, Putta lingamma’s greatest concern before surgery was the fear of losing her work. Three weeks post-surgery, she was back in business, pain-free and independent, her life transformed by the successful procedure.

Key Takeaways

Putta lingamma’s story is an inspiration for individuals suffering from severe knee pain. It showcases the potential of modern surgical techniques and highlights the importance of seeking expert guidance to overcome fear and reclaim an active, fulfilling life.

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