Fast Track ACL Reconstruction Surgery: No Brace Technique

ACL Reconstruction Surgery: No Brace Technique

Fast Track ACL Surgery with No Brace Technique (FTT-NBT) is an innovative approach to reconstructing your ACL

 It aims to expedite your recovery and improve your overall outcome.

Reasons for Surgery

ACL reconstruction surgery is most commonly recommended for individuals who have experienced a complete tear of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). This tear can occur from –

Sports injuries: Sudden changes in direction or pivoting movements while playing sports like basketball, soccer, or skiing.

Non-Sports injuries: ACL tears can occur from everyday activities like dancing, twisting the knee, road accidents or even just walking down stairs.

Conditions Treated

Complete ACL tear

Reconstruction helps restore knee stability and prevent future injuries.

Chronic instability

If you have experienced multiple ACL tears or ongoing instability despite non-surgical treatment, FTT-NBT can provide a long-term solution.

Surgical Approach in FTT-NBT

Traditional ACL reconstruction involves a larger incision and a longer rehabilitation process. In contrast, FTT-NBT utilises –

Minimally invasive techniques: Smaller incisions and muscle-sparing approaches minimize tissue damage and discomfort.

Arthroscopic surgery: Tiny instruments are inserted through the incisions to visualise and repair the ACL.

Advanced graft fixation: Stronger graft materials and techniques provide superior stability and allow earlier knee movement.

No Brace Technique:

FTT-NBT eliminates the need for a post-operative brace, allowing for:

Early mobilisation: You will start walking without a brace within hours of surgery, promoting faster strength and flexibility recovery.

Improved proprioception: Early movement helps regain awareness of your body’s position in space for better balance and coordination.

Reduced muscle atrophy: Active movement helps maintain muscle strength and function.

Improved gait mechanics: Early weight-bearing promotes a more natural walking pattern.

Knee Surgery Process

  • Pre-operative planning : We will discuss your medical history, symptoms, and expectations to determine if FTT-NBT is suitable for you.
  • Anaesthesia : You will receive general or spinal anaesthesia to keep you pain-free during the surgery.
  • Implant placement : The surgeon makes small incisions around your knee and uses arthroscopic instruments to prepare the graft and secure it in place.
  • Closure : The surgeon will close the incision and apply dressings.


With FTT-NBT, you can expect-

  • Shorter hospital stay: You will likely go home within 24 hours after surgery.
  • Early physical therapy: You will start rehabilitation exercises within hours of surgery to regain strength and flexibility.
  • Progressive weight-bearing: You will gradually increase the amount of weight you put on your operated leg as your strength improves.
  • Return to activity: You can expect to return to sports and other activities within 1-2 days, depending on your progress.

Benefits of Fast Track ACL Reconstruction

  • Faster recovery: FTT-NBT allows for a quicker return to daily activities and sports compared to traditional ACL reconstruction.
  • No need of long brace : No need to use brace after surgery
  • Improved knee function: Early mobilisation and weight-bearing promote better joint health and movement.
  • Reduced pain: Minimally invasive techniques and multimodal pain management strategies minimise post-operative discomfort.
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction: Faster recovery and improved function contribute to higher satisfaction levels.

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